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Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center

Legal Issues


The Legal Advisory Committee of the Alzheimer's Disease Resource Center will be posting articles on this website to provide legal information to you. We hope that these articles will be helpful.

The legal issues for those with Alzheimer's Disease and their families are complex. Our objective is to give you a basic understanding of some of the issues and concepts that may be important for your planning.

For specific legal advice in your situation you are advised to seek help from a knowledgeable elder law attorney.

If there are topics not addressed that you would like to read about, please click here to email Alzheimer's Disease Resource Center and let us know.


Legal Committee Members:

Frank Buquicchio, Esq.

Lawrence E. Davidow, Esq.

Anne Dello-Iacono, Esq.

Adam Demetri, Esq.

Aaron Futterman, Esq.

Vincent J. Russo, Esq.