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Bay Shore Middle School

Dear Mrs. Malack-Ragona,

On behalf of the Guidance Department, we would like to thank you for your participation in our 6th Grade Career Discovery Program.  The success of our program is continually perpetuated because of dedicated community members like you.  Our faculty and students are sincerely thankful for your participation and your willingness to share your experieinces and knowledge.  Your involvement in the program directly impacts our stuidents' view of their future - and in turn, all of our futures.  We hoped that you enjoyed this experience - our students certainly did!  Thanks again for your participation. See you next year!


~  Mr. Louis Balsamo  ~  Mrs. Jamie Rizzo  ~  Mrs. Elizabth Beatty   ~  Mrs. Laurie Gassar  ~  Ms. Mary Lapid



It was an enlightening experience to put myself in the patient and also my mother's (who is diagnosed with baseline dementia) shoes. I will be more aware of her behaviors and my response as a result - as well as in my professional work as a clinical social worker. It was a helpful experience.


Wonderful, necessary, the whole world needs to know this - keep going.

Thank you, thank you!


Thanks again for inviting me to the Research Seminar.  The speakers were outstanding and I learned so much.  The information on the "Amyloid Hypothesis" and the Amyloid Precursor Gene were extremely interesting and very helpful in answering the many questions I receive concerning testing, genetics and trials.

Looking forward to the next seminar.



Just checked out the new website......LOVE IT!!!!!
I'm so proud of you, thankful for you & appreciate EVERYTHING you do for all of us!!! Thank you for fighting for us!!!!

Annie G.